TikTok Marketing Course for Business

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Learn how to attract your ideal audience and create high-quality videos more quickly.

Stop chasing likes. Start building engaged audiences.

In this training, you'll learn how to create the TikTok content your audience wants, including tactical video marketing strategies for content process, production and development, audience growth and engagement, the ideal tech stack, and more. Lessons also apply to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

Who is this course for

01 — Social media professionals managing social or content from a marketing, PR, or comms team.

02 — Business owners or solopreneurs that need to grow an audience and drive customers.

03 — Agency executives supporting social media for multiple clients (and in need of new ideas!).

What you’ll get out of this course

How to produce videos on a regular schedule
Develop a repeatable social media video creation process that fits your resources
How to organically gain exposure with short-form video
Create authentic, engaging content that resonates with your target audience.
How to manage brand planning with an algorithm of trends that moves so quickly
Track and understand platform trends, while also trend-proving your own video content strategies.
How to grow with limitations on creativity
Boring brand? Industry regulations? Create engaging content despite your brand gatekeepers.
How to do more of it with limited resources and budget! 
We've designed each course module so that solo marketing teams with no budget can still learn and implement.
Navigate security and government regulation concerns
Have a short-form video plan if TikTok or other platforms become restricted or banned in your country.
The best tools, hardware, frequency, and video length
We'll review best practices for each technical step of the process.

Course Syllabus

These are pre-recorded workshops from our most recent live cohort training.

Workshop #1 — Understanding the Algorithm & Building Your Back Catalog

  • How TikTok's algorithm affects content visibility
  • The 4 types of short-form video
  • The TikTok-first Strategy 
  • Building a back catalog & nailing your niche before going viral
  • Overcoming barriers to video production & getting on-camera 

Class Project: Scripting with class prompt
Assignment: Create a ~30-second video with our "hook" prompt

Workshop #2 — Your TikTok Brand Strategy & Playbook

  • Defining your niche and brand identity
  • Building your Content Compass
  • The 3x4 Matrix: The Social Fresh Signature Framework
  • Storytelling in short-form videos
  • Anatomy of the ideal TikTok video
  • Serial, show formats for evergreen content
  • Finding your show format and planning your pilot 

Class project: Content Themes
Assignment: Episode Outline

Workshop #3 — Content Production & Process

  • Analyzing TikTok trends & challenges
  • Best practices for shooting, framing, and lighting
  • Editing tools & apps
  • Video production workflow (turning ideas into published videos), approvals, and asset management
  • Exploring TikTok’s creative tools (sound, music)
  • Resource: Content/Asset Tracker

Class project: Script Your Show
Assignment: Record An Episode

Workshop #4 — Analytics, Growth & Viral Videos

  • TikTok analytics & insights
  • Making data-driven decisions to refine content strategy
  • Setting measurable goals for growth
  • Leveraging UGC, influencer marketing
  • Reposting, Reels, and How to scale your TikTok-first Strategy
  • Formula 4: Key elements of viral videos

Assignment: Completing Your Back Catalog

What people are saying

"We were struggling to just break even on our social campaigns. Social Fresh helped me nail down our main issues. Since then, we’ve seen a massive boom in campaign ROIs, in new customer acquisition, and retention."

Andrew S. — Body Health, Director of Social Media

"The posts we created from one Social Fresh session are our highest engaging content for the year. 100% of the ideas came from Social Fresh. The content is not only really great, but the speakers walk through how you can do it yourself, so it's easy for you to bring back those strategies and start experimenting."

Amanda T. — Gate City Bank, SVP of Culture

"Social Fresh is like a social media summer camp for people who live and breathe this… There’s definitely an air of people who are total social media nerds and want to talk about things that other people don’t want to talk about with you."

Eleni M. — Lilly Pulitzer, Sr Director of Media Promotions and Community

"The team at Social Fresh are incredible partners. They listened to our goals, understood the nuance we needed, and proposed an approach that stayed true to our brand and beliefs. Part of what makes them unique is the range of skills they bring to the table — technical expertise, market know-how, and artistic prowess."

Jon D. — HubSpot, SVP Marketing

"Jason and Nicole helped show us how great creative is an opportunity to be on the leading edge. They definitely got us going in directions that we wouldn't have pursued if they hadn't brought their insights to the table.”

Michael G. — Credit Karma, VP Marketing

"Social Fresh was the first marketing conference I attended that felt less about celebrity speakers and flashy production, and more about relevant experts actually doing the work."

Nathan A. — Creative Director, Allebach Communications

Meet your instructors

Jason Keath — Co-founder, Social Fresh

I’ve been fascinated by what’s next in technology since I first signed our family up for AOL when I was 12. Less so when we got our first long-distance internet bill.

I was a community manager for the website platform Geocities at the age of 15. I was one of the first people in the world to start running ads on Facebook in 2004. I’m passionate about understanding what’s next in digital.

I put my art degree to work in the agency world in 2006 and quickly became the go-to content and social media person.

In 2008, I went out on my own and worked as a consultant for brands like Chevrolet, Maersk, and Nine West.

Nicole and I met during the early days of Tweetups in NYC and teamed up to bring Social Fresh to life as the original social media conference and consultancy.

Through it all, we’ve realized it’s not always about the hot new technology or following the same trends as everyone else. Your social, content, and media success will come from investing in sustainable strategies.

Nicole D'Alonzo — Co-founder, Social Fresh

I was sold on social media from the moment I discovered its power for social good, during the mid-2000s financial crisis.

Back then, I wanted to do something to help the thousands of people who had lost everything. So, I started using social media to create videos for charities, helping them get found by donors and volunteers to increase their impact.

From this work, I was offered my first official social media position: Launching The Laughing Cow Cheese into social, including the blog and YouTube channel.

Later, I went on to hold high-level social media positions at Porter Novelli and L’Oreal, before leaving to build Social Fresh with Jason.

When I’m not consulting with Social Fresh, I'm shooting IG stories or writing on Substack about mental health, wellness, and tech.

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TikTok Marketing Course for Business

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